Global design consulting agency in Lyon - Groupe Zebra

Product Design

Nothing is left to chance, be it observing user needs, knowledge of processes and products, security or ergonomics.

We put our heart into conceiving objects which combine aesthetic, comfort, performance and practicality.

Packaging Design

Buying is different now. With decisions being taken last minute, how do you make it go your way? We conceive your packaging’s design to entice and make you the obvious choice.

Just as well cut clothes will bring out the best in you, so our food packaging prepares to the pleasures of eating through sight and touch and ease of use. Our non food packaging close to our heart though not our bellies, are functional show cases that catch the eye.

Packaging 1 Packaging 2

Brand identity

Surprise and seduce…to attract, inform and reassure… to convince

Our subsidiary ZEBRAND, Through a total understanding of the what is seen and perceived, studies trends worldwide, finds the relevant signs & symbols in a given context, builds a visual language in a coherent, audacious and unique visual universe.

Web design

Making sure your image flourishes on screens as it does on paper …

… with elegance and effectiveness.


Our branch, Linghün, is an expert in digital strategy and is committed to bringing originality and efficiency to your projects.

We use our creativity in web design to provide you with attractive and functional websites that focus on the user experience. We will help you stand out with a clear identity and optimal usability, allowing you to increase your visibility and maximise your sales.

Retail Design

Personalization rules, it is as true in retail as anywhere else.

To be in with consumers brands must appear different and offer a seamless experience, there is no other way,

“ We conceive products and services, we imagine and stage a unique, emotion filled experience…