Product design agency in Lyon - Groupe Zebra

"Have you ever fallen in love with a car, a bottle of perfume or even cracked on a pair of trendy shoes? If so, think the same goes for your customers."

Product design agency

based in Lyon

Product design agency based in Lyon

Did you ever fall in love with a car, a perfume bottle or go for a pen or a fashionable pair of shoes ?  If yes, just think that the same holds true for your customers. Shape, colour, lines are all aspects of product design and help sales. Consumers respond positively to an object’s desirable curves so your Lyon based design agency is your best ally.

Groupe Zebra, product designer

Groupe Zebra is widely recognised as one of the leading french product design agencies. We do packaging design as well as product design. Groupe Zebra conceives objects following a multifactorial approach that merges beauty with comfort and practicality never forgetting performance. Our experts know manufacturing processes as well as materials employed. They are particularly interested in security and ergonomy. They have left their mark in many products available in retail, but our product designers also work in varied businesses, mobility, industry, or sports and leisure.

Groupe Zebra, a Lyon product design specialist

Our product design agency analyses your projects and ambitions in order to come up with the best strategy. Today design is key to success : it is one of the best way to provoke the will to buy through a unique user experience even in difficult times when consumers reduce spending. Nonetheless the will be seduced by careful product design that adds value and is truly different.