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To innovate properly and not just innovate, you need method, rigour and a lot of cross-expertise

"Don't just innovate

Bertrand Barré's book


How to innovate right and not just innovate with the eye-novation method?

Redefine its offer, winning new customers, redefining its marketing,
modify its organisation or internal interactions, develop its ecosystem through partnerships… These are all subjects that must be on the agenda of managers to face a turbulent world, in the midst of a post-Covid 19 crisis.


1 illustrated book for :

  • Discovering the practices and mistakes to avoid in order to succeed in innovation projects,
  • Appropriating the “Eye-novation” method based on 30 years of experience in the field and based on the combination and improvement of tools such as Design thinking and Lean start-up,
  • Understanding the mechanisms of the markets through a decoding based on concrete examples.

The public 

Company managers and professionals in marketing, innovation, R&D, digital; project managers wishing to de-risk and implement innovation processes.

The expert

Bertrand Barré

CEO of Groupe Zebra

French business leader, entrepreneur, speaker, author. He has been an expert in innovation management and design thinking for over 30 years.

Groupe Zebra

Innovation & Design agency since 1986.
In 30 years, the group has collaborated with hundreds of clients and helped develop more than 8000 products and services sold worldwide.


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