Innovation Agency for Organizations - GROUPE ZEBRA

01Innovation Management

We help you structure your approach to innovation, to boost and secure your projects and create business models.


Thorough analysis of your approach

• Your teams

• Your Know-how

• Your processes

• Your ressources

• Your strategic objectives


Giving a boost

• Appropriation of methods and tools

• Development of skills for your staff

• Energy and rhythm

• Communicating success


Practical help

Mutualisation of skills

• Project management

• Developing operational solutions

• Business modeling

• Prototyping

“ Take the risk out of your approach to innovation through agile project management securing all dimensions: marketing, technical, economic, legal and planning. ”

White chocolate forgotten in the oven or the birth of a new creation.

Helping you to chose
where innovation can't

Boosting 300 stores in the
service of a brand.

02Innovation Development

Do you need to validate a concept, produce a POC or get a product into full scale production ?

Our technical experts : Researchers, engineers, designers, ergonomists, model and prototype makers are with you for creative and collaborative engineering.


Exploratory phase

• Multi thematic analyses

• Draft of functional specifications

• Draft of recognized needs


Searching for solutions

• Preparatory research

• Prototype

• Test reports

• Functional specifications



• Specifications document

• Prototype

• Test reports

• Case report



• Industrialisation document

• Production samples

• Test reports


03Financing Innovation


Financing possibilities are so numerous and complex that companies often opt for the simplest and most flexibles solution.

And yet practically all types of projects can be financed thus making innovation much easier to embark upon.

Financement de l'innovation

“ From 25 to 120% financement…
and you ? ”

“ To innovate is to add that little something likely to change how we do things  By organizing your teams, your processes and your financing, we help you to realize your projects."