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01Innovation Strategy

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Client Insight + Creative processes + Business modeling + Prototyping + Open innovation



  • Business model diagnostics
  • Market context
  • Client insight detection
  • Dynamic Observations


  • Interviews of experts
  • Benchmarking
  • Sociology
  • Trend studies


  • Projections at 3, 5, 10 years
  • New product
  • New activity
  • Reconstruction
    of your offering
  • Business modeling


  • Marketing of your offering
  • Communication

“The crucial steps
to making innovation happen”

Majorel, new major actor in the customer relationship

Solutions for complex wounds

Co-piloting innovation on all non-pneumatic projects.

02Marketing Strategy

Need to find new growth ?

We help you find new opportunities :


Marketing objectives

  • Increase your turnover, margins, market share and number of client
  • Expand geographically
  • Penetrate the market

Marketing strategy

  • Determine the client segmentation and identify targets
  • Make your offering visibly different
  • Define your value proposition / Client advantage

Ways forward

  • Priorize your activities : diversification, rationalisation of your activities, development of a new offering
  • Start your Mix Marketing
  • Cost your budget
  • Manage and follow through
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03Brand Strategy

By defining a brand strategy , you pragmatically and methodologically give your offering increased value.

The brand is the strategic substrate that gives birth to emotions binding customers to you.

A brand plateform is your must have document to differentiate yourself and to have

a clear and constant path over time.

• Study your market, its key players and their positionning
• Benchmarks
• Interviews

This strategic substrate is your brand plateform

It is made up of :

A strategic choice of a few key values that endower your offering with a credible, attractive and differentiating positioning in the market and the minds of your customers.

With this tool you are sure the decisions and actions that drive brand deployment will be coherent :

a position from which to structure the marketing mix.

• Brand architecture
• Name
• Visual identity
• Brand universe
• Communication

“ A compass to steer
all communication ”

“ Strategy is the art of human, financial and technological ressource allocation that steers the company long term andgiv es it a decisive and durable competitive egde. ”