A new agricultural and agro-food model for Africa

Groupe Zebra is starting a large movement to reinvent agriculture in Africa : Neofarming Africa


A collaborative movement

neofarming africa

The challenge

Agriculture and food will be a major global challenge for the next 30 years and new solutions are needed.

  • By 2050, there will be 9 billion people on Earth to be fed

Africa must be a major concern :

  • Africa’s population will double in the next few years
  • 60% of arable land is now in Africa
  • Most of these lands are under high water stress

Africa is going to face major change, and challenges await: non-stop population growth, increased urban growth, climate change and latent water issues. The challenges are present and getting bigger: failing to make choices today will have irreversible consequences for agriculture and the feeding of urban Africans.

However, unlike western societies, Africa is still built around an agricultural world with 2/3rds of the population contributing to agriculture. This is a real strength when it comes to resilience and opens up numerous opportunities for territory based innovation.

So, how do we create a new agricultural/agri-business model for Africa away from European industrial history that is adapted to the context of global warming, compatible with global urbanisation and feeds people under good conditions?

Our intervention

With 30 years of experience in innovation accompanying major international companies, Michelin, Unilever, Nestlé, Danone, EDF… and some important African institutions such as OCP, Attijariwafa bank, Saham group, AMDIE… GROUPE ZEBRA with Neofarming is starting a general movement to study the means and solutions necessary to rise to the challenge of a more resilient, efficient, low cost but local agriculture for tomorrow’s world.

In this GROUPE ZEBRA is partnering with industry and universities, the world of research and institutional players to create a novel ecosystem for sustainable innovation aiming to:

  • Define the conditions for totally recasting our models respecting available natural resources and using the fundamental breakthrough technologies now making an appearance.
  • Create the ecosystem that can manage such a project.
  • Contribute to reducing risk when undertaking innovation projects.

The launch

To launch the initiative we are participating to Rencontres Africa.

It is the opportunity to publicise this movement, find local groups willing to join in and involve state bodies to concretely develop solutions and fundamentally adjust policies.

Our conviction: « is that no sustainable and resilient model will exist without human and collective intelligence, without a new way of cooperating and producing and hybridation”

To Innovate right and not just innovate.

More information : Neofarming.fr