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"We do not design simple packaging, we imagine and stage unique experiences, full of emotion ..."

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Attract, inform, seduce, convince...


A Packaging Agency based in Lyon

Today consumers need to be charmed, seduced. A product’s packaging is almost as important in the buying decision as the product itself. Desire is aroused by sight and that is why the packaging’s design is of fundamental importance. Whatever your business, Groupe Zebra, your Lyon based packaging agency, will produce the packaging with the right look for the consumer and hence help sales.

The expertise of your design agency and packaging agency

Groupe Zebra based in Lyon is specialised packaging and design. Our expertice is wide ranging : food and services, banks and insurance, health, housing as well as sports and leisure. Your packaging as much as your products’ or services’ design must seduce and convince and must make sales happen. They are your brand image as well as sales enhancers. Getting the right packaging for your products and services means creating positive vibes and hence a quality and attraction to your brand.

Packaging : a new concept

Companies have always paid a particular attention to the packaging of their products or to the inspiring presentation of their services. Nonetheless, traditional logos, brand image identifiers, are no longer enough to get sales. Our groupe favours consumer experience enhancing the packaging of your products by combining practical aspects to visual and tactile seduction. Our packaging stimulate our different senses to create desire. Our food packaging is a prelude to the actual tasting, stimulating your taste buds the moments you lay eyes on it.

You wish to know more or you want us to design your packaging, do not hesitate to contact us.