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"In web marketing, only companies with a real digital communication strategy succeed in achieving their goals."

Digital strategy

How to succeed with the web?


Digital strategy is the lifeblood of a company today. Implementing a digital strategy allows a company to position itself very precisely, both in the marketing and communication fields.

It mainly uses digital channels, i.e. all the communication tools available on the web. These include social networks (social media), search engines (natural referencing), or any other online solution.

Why follow a digital strategy?

In web marketing, only companies with a real digital communication strategy succeed in achieving their objectives. These are imperative when a company has to build its strategy. It is therefore necessary to define clear, measurable and achievable objectives within a given timeframe. Some examples of objectives are

  • generate traffic (e.g. 30% more on your website in six months) ;
  • increase online sales by 25%;
  • to be visible on the first page of Google results in one year;
  • Build lasting loyalty with one third of your customers within 6 months;
  • double the return on investment (ROI) over one year…

This strategic investment allows you to start a digital transformation process, and to activate powerful marketing levers. If you are a bit lost or don’t have the time to dedicate yourself actively to it, it is possible to call upon a digital strategy agency.

The role of a digital strategy agency

In concrete terms, the aim of this agency is to design and implement a digital strategy that is in close collaboration with the company’s overall strategy. A tailor-made implementation that allows for better brand positioning and digital performance (such as traffic acquisition, lead generation and sales) with the sole aim of improving turnover.

Two examples of effective digital strategies

Building your strategy on a clear objective is only the foundation of the process. Now you need to define the best strategy for your web project. A digital agency can take care of your web development from A to Z, i.e. from the creation of the website to its referencing. It can also provide you with valuable strategic advice for your overall communication.

Improving natural referencing

Your company can easily develop its reputation by acquiring a relevant ranking on Google results. With the help of a content marketing strategy, improving your natural referencing is now child’s play. Alternatively, a digital strategy agency can also offer you paid referencing, on platforms such as Google Adwords, which is very effective in certain situations.

An inbound marketing strategy

Through very powerful processes, inbound marketing is certainly the best long-term strategy. Indeed, inbound marketing brings together all the elements necessary for the proper digital development of a company. It manages all aspects of a communication strategy by improving :

  • content marketing ;
  • customer relations (mainly loyalty and mailing)
  • user experience (via a responsive site with good ergonomics);
  • brand image (e-reputation on social networks, branding and the choice of appropriate communication media)…
  • Groupe Zebra : your digital strategy agency

For the support and monitoring of your digital strategy, Groupe Zebra offers you its advice on marketing strategy. Your company deserves to obtain concrete results and succeed in its digital transformation thanks to a precise and innovative marketing plan. Groupe Zebra takes its mission to help and advise you throughout your evolution to heart. Contact us now to find out how we can help you boost your results!