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Retail Design

How to offer a real experience to its customers?

Retail design : make the most of your commercial space

What is retail design ? Under this very fashionable concept in the USA, is hidden a strategy to highlight the value of products. Of course the packaging of a product is important as is its design. But the decision to buy is also linked to the environment the product is in. Be it a physical or online store it is a must to have your products in an enviroment that will present them under their best light.

Retail design is there to serve a sales strategy

Retail design comes from interior archetecture : it is a case of applying to commercial spaces the same strategies as are used to make the most of housing. This point of sales design lets you set the stage in which you place your products. Retail design is therefore both an aesthetic concept, there to please,  and an organisation of the sales space there to manage customer flows and daily store management.

The commercial importance of retail design

Designing well physical commercial spaces or online stores lets you present products at their best and reinforce branding. Groupe Zebra will advise you on store design, based on balancing the use of space, optimizing lighting and 3D effects. In practice the decision to buy is influenced by all the details that contribute to a coherent total sales strategy. At times customers will need reassuring , at others guiding or seduction. The best strategy is a combination of these different approaches.

Marketing design or last meter marketing

Retail design lets you take advantage of the so called last meter marketing. This expression symbolises how important the immediate environment of a product is. Groupe Zebra helps you to build this environment in order to transform what is only interest into a sale. Space is used to create a unique experience, release desire and emotion whilst enphasising brand identity. Using retail design is putting your product on stage. This staging takes into account overall space in order to imprint the customer’s memory.