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"Design thinking is a way to reinvent our thought processes to define other horizons and and the paths that lead to them."

Design Thinking

A thought process to put uses back at the heart of our reflections

Design thinking formation

Workshop training in design thinking

What is design thinking ? Simply, a powerful user centric approach to favour creativity. Today, design thinking is one of the key concepts in innovation, used by the most productive companies the world over, from Europe to the USA and also Asia. Numerous startups are also using design thinking to boost their creativity. The concept itself was born in the 8Os but has travelled a long way since.

Design thinking is a way to reinvent our ways of thinking to define new horizons and the ways to get there.

Design thinking training at Groupe Zebra

Groupe Zebra has been using design thinking ever since its creation for product design and service design. It is the innovation through usage approach, carried out with and for users in order to stick to the aspirations of the market. Today, given our experience, we share our know how through training sessions. In design thinking workshops or seminars Groupe Zebra experts show you how this method can improve decision making processes. Our training sessions allow the participants to master the concept to make it into a powerful tool for creation and innovation. Using real life cases you will discover the stages step by step. By the end of training you will be able to use design thinking by yourself to drive user centric innovation projects.

Design thinking workshops by Groupe Zebra

Thanks to design thinking workshops, Groupe Zebra puts your teams into a positive dynamic of creation and collaboration. The process is groups centered and aims to improve team cohesion. By creating a healthy and positive atmosphere of emulation design thinking helps improve motivation. Discover our design thinking training through which your teams will get to know the concept with our best people.