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"A strategic axis shared by companies, the State and Europe. As such, it benefits from numerous incentive support schemes covering the different types of innovation."

Financing innovation

Or a real component of your innovation management strategy?

Financing innovation: being supported by Groupe Zebra firm

As we have seen, there are various solutions for financing innovation. But companies are sometimes at a loss to use them. They generally prefer to concentrate on their core business and not spend time going through the funding schemes and the administrative procedures required to obtain them. This is where the experts at Groupe Zebra come in, with their mission to help companies find financing innovation. Whether you are a start-up, an SME or a larger company, our experts are trained to provide you with advice and assistance at all stages of your project.


What does Groupe Zebra support consist of?

First of all, Groupe Zebra helps you to identify and make an exhaustive list of the various possibilities for financing your innovation. In this way, you can diversify your sources of aid and multiply or combine the most interesting subsidies for your project. Groupe Zebra’s experts will also help you design and write your innovation funding applications. This means that you will have the cash flow needed to develop your innovative project more quickly and you can embark on the various stages of design and prototyping.

Do you have an innovative project but no cash flow to implement it? You don’t know how to go about putting together your files and putting all the chances on your side? Don’t hesitate to entrust your search for innovation financing to Groupe Zebra. You will benefit from our expertise and competent support.