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IoT Design Hub: expert advice and project guidance for connected objects

Published on : 23/03/2017

At SIDO, the leading international showroom dedicated to the Internet of Things, the companies EURODECISION, Rtone, and GROUPE ZEBRA announced the creation of their IoT Design Hub: to provide end-to-end expert advice and guidance to companies for projects involving connected objects.

The world of tomorrow will be fully connected. The massive collection of data and the subsequent analysis will enable all companies and communities …, whatever their activity, to break into new markets by benefiting from strategic information on their stakeholders (their clients …). The opportunities of the Internet of Objects (IoT) are colossal. However, embarking on a connected object project may prove perilous, so how can companies be sure that their ideas are the right ones?

Today, there’s a real need for businesses to develop projects using the fundamental expertise of the market of connected objects. To respond to this need, three experts have decided to bring together their skills: EURODECISION, specialist in decision-making mathematics, Rtone, hardware and software designer for connected solutions, and GROUPE ZEBRA, consultants in strategy and experts in innovation and design. The latter announced the launch of an IoT design hub, providing comprehensive guidance and expertise for companies interested in implementing a connected object project.

From the idea to the industrialization of the object

IoT design Hub is a full support service. It features the latest technological innovations and uses design thinking methods and a multi-disciplinary approach, focused on customer’s needs to innovate with meaning. Its main advantage is that it covers the whole process of designing a connected object: from the initial idea, its analysis and its commercial viability, through to the design of the object, its technical production, as well as its industrial development. How? Based on the areas of expertise of the three partner companies. The company EURODECISION specializes in the collection and analysis of data to develop algorithms for connected objects. “To succeed in a connected object project, it is essential to know what problems the company wants to solve, and what data the connected object will have to transfer to create value,” explains Ronan Bars, general manager of EURODECISION. And then you have the design and use of the solution: “We can intervene on three levels: by observing and analyzing the use of the object in order to define the user’s needs, providing innovation consultancy for the creation of the offer, and finally by working on the design of the product” continues Bertrand Barré, President of GROUPE ZEBRA. After these stages comes the technical design of the object and its mass production. In this phase, we are looking for the best technical solution, to identify the communication protocol according to the needs and environment of the solution. “Then we will carry out a proof of concept to adjust and validate the project, to help the client during the industrial development stage”, concludes Adrien Deports, General Manager of Rtone, who also provides the development of mobile platforms and applications allowing the user to capture and analyze data collected by the object.

At SIDO, the IoT Design Hub will be presented at booth 119-214 (all three companies will be present) on April 5 and 6, at the Cité Internationale de Lyon. The three partners will also hold a conference on Wednesday, 5 April, at 4:15 p.m., on the theme of “leaders in their market, they aim to gain a competitive edge through the use of connected objects: successes and difficulties”, with the participation of the companies, MyAngel and AAA-data.


Created in 1987, EURODECISION is a Versailles based company specializing in decision-making mathematics, optimization and operational research. Its know-how is based on the ability to listen, understand, analyze and exploit existing data within the company, or externally, to help management make the best decisions. To do this, EURODECISION relies on its expertise in the development of mathematical algorithms, big data, artificial intelligence, Business Intelligence and Business Analytics, as well as in machine learning. Since its creation, EURODECISION has carried out more than 700 projects on behalf of 200 companies, including the most prestigious, in 25 countries around the world. The company produces a turnover of 5.3 million euros and employs 60 employees.

To find out more: @eurodecision

About Rtone

Created in 2007, Rtone is a Lyon based company specializing in the design of connected objects. An expert in IoT technologies such as Sigfox or Lora, Rtone helps companies of all sizes to develop their connected solution, from the electronic design to the industrialization of the new products, from the mobile application to the IoT platform. Many of its customers have received awards at the CES of Las Vegas for their product innovation. To learn more: @Rtone_IoT


Based in La Tour de Salvagny, on the outskirts of Lyon, GROUPE ZEBRA, a strategic advice company, provides support throughout the process of creating an offer, from the search for an innovative concept, to its operational development, and the deployment of the brand. Thanks to the techniques of marketing, design thinking, and co-creativity, with its team of experts in strategic consulting, marketing, R&D, design, engineering and communication, the GROUPE ZEBRA boosts the growth of its customers and their ability to innovate. To learn more

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