Artificial intelligence, are we experiencing a revolution?

Published on : 11/08/2016
Artificial intelligence, are we experiencing a revolution?

This artificial intelligence is capable of creating videos and anticipating the future.

Scientists from MIT and CSAIL have developed an algorithm capable of creating videos and predicting what’s going to happen based on just one scene. The team of researchers have put their algorithm through a tough test by getting it to watch 2 million videos. These videos have no title and contain ordinary everyday scenes so that the artificial intelligence could get used to the interactions of human life.

After viewing all these videos, the algorithm can make its own very short videos (1.5 seconds). The algorithm creates these images using a system with opposite neuronal networks. The first one creates the video and the second makes the distinction between the real videos and the ones created by the machine.

A really impressive algorithm

This system enables the algorithm to predict the future and to know what is going to happen after the video. However, this algorithm has its limits as it’s only capable of doing such a task for relatively simple tasks like waves on the beach and people walking on the grass. Even if there are improvements to be made, such an algorithm could be very useful in certain sectors such as the automobile market. It’s easy to imagine an autonomous car with artificial intelligence that could predict the direction of cars or pedestrians.

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