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Groupe Zebra, a leader of Design in France for the last 30 years, founder of «The Oblique Vision» school of design & innovation has fine tuned tools and methods that make the birth and growth of SUCCESFUL innovation not only possible but guatanteed.

By becoming a member of Groupe Zebra Network, you will learn to:



The market Clincher



Your client’s Ad.vantage point



innovative products and services to quickly create value

Why join  ?

Tried and Tested methods and knowhow

Best in Class Support

An Agile Network

Tried and Tested methods and know-how

Why apply The oblique vision ?

It’s Win -Win :

For your clients : by using our approach you will help your clients even before ideas and concepts appear and follow through by writing with them their long term strategy.

For You : by adding «strategy» and «innovation» to your know-how, you establish long term relationships with your clients also maintaining a pipeline of projects for your Design teams.

Best in Class Support

Learning to apply The oblique Vision requires good coaching and strong support by expert Zebras.

We will be right behind you for a full year until all the tools are in place andyou have earned your stripes .

A Powerful Network

Members of the Network are to be found on all 5 continents, this outreach gives you :

  • better visibility
  • access to new markets
  • the needed cultural expertise to accompany developing brands
  • wider client reference clients and advertising

“ The crucial steps to getting innovation projects off the ground ”