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The carbon Overvolt model of Lapierre wins the Design & Innovation Award

Published on : 19/01/2017

After winning the Eurobike Design Award last August, the Overvolt AM carbon 900+ was awarded once more for its innovative technology that is revolutionizing the market of the electric mountain bike.

Design & innovation award 2017

6 years of collaboration and several generations of bicycle

Our most recent collaboration with the teams from Lapierre has resulted in a revolutionary creation.

The construction of the frame has been developed by focusing on the center of gravity which, especially on an electric bicycle, has a big influence on the bike’s performance.
By placing the battery as close as possible to the pedal housing just above the motor, the Overvolt has gained unparalleled handling without compromising its lightness.

The battery is removable but can also be recharged directly on the bicycle. Overvolt has a well-balanced design, which means that it can handle any terrain with confidence thanks to its efficient suspension.

A far cry from the assisted pedal bike, this sleek design gives the rider ultimate performance. Design & Innovation Award, jury made up of experts, journalists and engineers, voted it amongst the most promising innovations in the bicycle industry.

Lapierre has selected the carbon Overvolt model to celebrate their 70th anniversary.

Overvolt carbon lapierre visuel

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