GROUPE ZEBRA - Our History, Our Approach, Our Teams

"Sotto il nostro tetto sono riunite tutte le competenze utile alla creazione di prodotti e servizi innovativi.”

GROUPE ZEBRA, Innovation Factory

La nostra storia

30 anni di storia...

La nostra lunga esperienza e le nostre numerose referenze nell’innovazione e design ci hanno conferito lo sguardo acuto degli esperti in osservazione et consulenze strategiche.

Tutti i nostri sensi sono mobilizzati per dare la più bella esperienza cliente… che sia lo spazzolino nella mano del bambino, il gusto acido della caramella or quello più dolce della vittoria.

Our emblem

A herd animal : solitary & agile
We believe in the value of varied skill sets in a hybridation of expertise where the project manager, creative, engineer, marketeer, model maker , stylist , creative planner all mix. « together we are but one ».

An observing animal
Full immersion into and knowledge of the environment means we understand usage and can define user needs like no one else.

An untamable
We do not succumb to convention. Our energy is spent identifying and creating that which is different, the only garantee of continued success insaturated markets.

A reproductive animal
We help our clients give birth to repeated innovation.

With a remarkably unique and aesthetic coat
We strive to innovate in unique and relevant ways.

Our team

Tried and tested professionals, sharing the same values,...

…with different skill sets to complement each other and specifically adapted to the process of innovation .

Model makers

Creative planner


Experts in Marketing


Project managers

Products designers

Graphic Designers

Experts in Design Thinking

Our approach

For the last 30 years, we have developed and applied hybrid thinking, this unique approach is human centered and based on a greater synergy of skills.

This process « hybrid thinking » is a break with traditional innovation practice so often hindered by the silos typical of companies and other organisations.

The hybridation of skills in our project teams makes for better decision making and greater operational agility. Collaboration has moved on from being a process to a state.

For us the project is boss and that changes everything.

This process allows us to identify greater value to create differentiation, emotion, market interest and thus help our clients by providing major and long lasting competitive edge.

Our Process :
The Oblique Vision©

Inspired by Design thinking

This Groupe Zebra methodology is a creative innovation tool to change our thinking and thus address the market differently.

All you need is L.O.V.E


  • Detect market conventions and spot key insights
  • Identify the market Clincher©


  • Find your strategic terrain
  • Define your Ad.vantage point©


  • Define your innovation territory
  • Build your Strategic Innovation Plan©

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